Premium and soft lambskin from the deadstocks.

Natural rubber

Exceptional material which production is sustainable because the tree from which rubber latex is obtained is not cut down and destroyed.

EVA (mostly recycled)

Hygienic and high-quality lightweight elastic material that provides cushioning while walking.

Water-based adhesive

Material that contains no volatile organic compounds, which means it is not harmful to people or the environment.


We are on our way of reducing packaging waste and promoting sustainable packaging. Before we used to put an original SINOBI box in a shipping box. We have decided not to use the original cardboard boxes, but only shipping boxes and shoe bags.

Leather manufacturing process results in many leather pieces and shreds leftovers. Instead of throwing away or utilizing them, we decided to give a second life to leather wastes by turning them into pockets for our shoe bags that our customers can use further on.

This makes every pocket on our shoe bags unique, as it is composed of different leather pieces.


SINOBI is the first Ukrainian fashion company who became a part of the DHL «Go-Green» programme. We also prefer to use electro cars when moving around or delivering.


1. Cutting

(insoles and soles)

2. Milling


3. Gluing

(insoles and soles)

4. Grinding

(insoles and soles)

5. Cutting


6. Collecting


7. Sewing


8. Sticking

(all together)