The story of the brand began in 2019 when Alexander (Ukrainian) and Shushan (Armenian) thought of creating footwear, which would be stylish but healthy and sustainable at the same time. After a lot of tryouts and research, they came up with a combination that fulfilled both purposes, and also a much broader philosophy. 


We drew a lot of inspiration from the Japanese culture: their sensible attitude to life, spiritual values and the importance of health in their priorities. In appreciation of this inspiration, we pay homage to the Japanese culture in the brand name and dedicate one of the SINOBI pairs to it.

SINOBI (often confused with shinobi ninjas, but a completely different phenomenon) — is a concept Alexander was fascinated by when reading a book about samurai philosophy by Eva Sandoval. It stands for a set of values, essential for life in general: mindfulness, endurance, the ability to take responsibility for one’s own destiny and devote oneself to other people. 

And those, together with transparency and openness, are exactly the pillars we wanted to build all of the brand’s activities on.  

SINOBI geta shoes 

The design of one of the first SINOBI pairs was inspired by the traditional Japanese geta shoes — wooden sandals, elevated from the ground, a less formal rendition of zori shoes. 


SINOBI is on a mission to spread health consciousness and mindfulness through a simple yet attentive attitude to life.

We believe that everything starts from ourselves. 

Only a mindful way of living can organize our lives in a sustainable way. The way we treat ourselves shapes our attitude to the world around us. 

In short, put your oxygen mask on first, before assisting others.

The three pillars of our vision are minimalistic design, sustainability and orthopaedics. 

  • Design
  • Fitting any of your moods and looks. Simple shapes. Simple colours. Simple textures. A simple way of walking, thinking and living.

  • Sustainability

  • SINOBI is spreading the idea of sustainable living in Ukraine and worldwide through conscious consumption and design for longevity.

    The materials for the shoes are metal-free leather and leather wastes, natural rubber, EVA and water-based adhesives. 

    For the packaging, we use leather wastes from production so there is no excess of waste (more about sustainability in SINOBI here).

  • Orthopaedics

  • SINOBI is based on the Arvitum Ltd manufacture. Arvitum is an orthopaedic diagnostic centre. In collaboration with Arvitum SINOBI involved hundreds of people to create a universal insole. Research and development took 10 months.

    As a result of dynamic and static tests, the insole that fits all types of feet was created.

    SINOBI insoles provide comfort and stability with each step, relieve muscle fatigue and joint stress, improve blood circulation in legs, provide solid stance and proper alignment.